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Nytro is a new brand which has been designed by anglers for anglers, with the emphasis on delivering total consumer satisfaction. Whether that is on price, looks or performance, you can be confident a NYTRO product offers the best value money can buy. Our primary focus for 2023 is around Feeder fishing on commercials and natural venues. Because we focus primarily on rod & reel fishing on commercials we have also included some pellet waggler rods in the key commercial range.

Besides rods and reels we have also developed several key items associated with feeder and commercial style fishing, such as match luggage, EVA storage solutions, braid and mono lines, brollies, seat boxes and a feeder chair. In addition, we also offer the angler a wide choice of landing nets, landing net handles, a range of keep nets and some stylish match wear.

For 2023 and beyond we have lots of new products in the pipeline. We are working hard on developing a range of accessories designed and developed with innovation by our team of committed anglers.